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Consortium meeting in Offenburg

On 5th – 6th December the 4th SUITCEYES consortium meeting took place at Offenburg University. The meeting kicked off with members providing updates on their respective work packages. However, the focal point of these two days were three separate participatory ideation and co-design workshops.

One of the workshops held, was a co-creation session with Russ Palmer and Riitta Lahtinen. The goal of this session was to create gamified scenarios that can foster social interaction. Typical every day scenarios were acted out in role-playing games to spark this brainstorming process.

Furthermore, various prototypes such as the “Follow Your Partner” gamified scenario were tested by Russ Palmer. His and Riitta Lahtinen’s invaluable feedback have given us new ideas to help enhance this prototype for further testing and studies that will be conducted in 2020.

Another session dealt with the adaptation of Social Haptic Signs towards SUITCEYES actuator-based haptic patterns, while our final workshop focused on incorporating situational feedback, deemed to be useful or even necessary, from a user’s perspective. The results of these exercises are currently being evaluated and analysed.

We thank Russ Palmer and Riitta Lahtinen who travelled to Offenburg to take part in these discussions and workshops. Their expertise helped us tremendously to learn more on the issues that individuals with deafblindness deal with every day. Their insights have sparked new ideas on topics such as haptic communication and navigation.

Finally, we would like to thank all the consortium partners for these constructive two days and we look forward to intensifying our collaboration efforts as the project heads into its final year!

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