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SUITCEYES on Na Tak conference in Poznań

This edition of the International Na Tak Conference ”Opieka, Terapia, Edukacja (translated to English: “Care, Therapy, Education”) was held on November 29, 2019 in Poznań, Poland. The main goal of the conference was pointed out by the introductory lecture of Prof. Danuta Kopeć from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Three main questions were asked: “Who? How? Why?”. Professor Kopeć tried to answer them and set the course of future actions.

“Na Tak meetings” are a series of international conferences organized by the Na Tak Association and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Harpo was the strategic partner of the conference. This year the conference was attended by 252 persons. Among the guests of the conference were special educators, therapists, physiotherapists, carers and assistants of people with disabilities, as well as students, parents and volunteers.

As every year “Na Tak meeting” took under consideration issues of living with disability from many perspectives. Visitors of the conference could hear different lectures presented by academic lecturers, practicing therapists and physiotherapists, successfully working with people suffering from profound and multiple disabilities, who shared with the audience their knowledge, experience and working methods.

Photo of a stepped lecture hall, showing the audience of Na Tak conference. Two persons (a man with Down Syndrome and a women) are standing. The woman is talking.

There was also an exhibition during the conference. The exhibitors presented specialised electronic devices and supporting technologies necessary for the therapy and education of people with different disabilities. Technologies dedicated to individuals with disabilities allow to take part in social life, increase independence and make everyday life easier. We hope that SUITCEYES will contribute to existing solutions and add them a whole new quality.

The SUITCEYES project was promoted by Harpo, at our design stand. We presented the poster and distributed promotional materials, and discussed the goals of the project with visitors. We also reported the progress and current stage of SUITCEYES. We had many visitors, who were very interested and curious to see final results of the project, and the product ready to use.

The design stand of Harpo at Na Tak conference: a poster, a table with promotional materials and a roll-up transparent of Harpo.

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