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Impressive Documentary about the Life of Deafblind Persons

The new film “Suitceyes Documentary” by four students from Offenburg University provides a sensitive insight into the everyday life of persons linging with deafblindness. It shows how intelligent wearables developed in the EU-project SUITCEYES can significantly improve their lives.

New ways of inclusion

No vision and a long silence – this is how the 26-minutes documentary introduces the viewer to the situation of persons with deafblindness. The creators, four students from the media faculty at the Offenburg University conveyed a vivid impression of the everyday challenges of these persons. Moreover, it shows how in the EU- project SUITCEYES scientists from seven partners all over Europe are working together to develop communication tools that will seriously improve the lives of those affected.

Top marks under difficult conditions

The “SUITCEYES documentary” is the impressive result of a project work by Mübeyra Erkuş, Nico Levicki, Pascal Hoffmann and Tim Wenz in the Department of Media at Offenburg University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn and Prof. Sabine Burg de Sousa Ferreira. The film was created throughout the summer term and under strict Corona regulations – including a flight to a partner in Sweden. Prof. Oliver Korn is extremely pleased with the result, which has now been published and can be watched on YouTube: “I am very impressed by the professional work of our media students. Under difficult circumstances, they have managed to document a complex international research project in a straightforward and touching way.”

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