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Author: Julia Reichwein

SUITCEYES shortlisted for the Innovation Radar Prize

SUITCEYES is among the 24 innovations from 200 submissions that has made it to the short list of the Innovation Radar Prize 2021. The next step towards winning the Innovation Radar Prize will be to participate in a public voting. This voting takes place on the website, where all 24 selected innovations will be introduced to the public. !!! Click Continue Reading SUITCEYES shortlisted for the Innovation Radar Prize

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Impressive Documentary about the Life of Deafblind Persons

The new film “Suitceyes Documentary” by four students from Offenburg University provides a sensitive insight into the everyday life of persons linging with deafblindness. It shows how intelligent wearables developed in the EU-project SUITCEYES can significantly improve their lives. New ways of inclusion No vision and a long silence – this is how the 26-minutes documentary introduces the viewer to the situation of persons with deafblindness. The creators, four students… Continue Reading Impressive Documentary about the Life of Deafblind Persons

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Tactile Board presented at MUM 2020

During the 19th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia MUM 2020, SUITCEYES presented the Tactile Board, a multimodal communication device that uses haptic communication to support individuals with deafblindness in social interactions. A Multimodal AAC Device for Individuals with Deafblindness The concept for the Tactile Board emerged from co-creation sessions with members of the Deafblind community and aimed… Continue Reading Tactile Board presented at MUM 2020

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At the 3rd International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies (IHIET 2020), SUITCEYES by Nils-Krister Persson presented a paper “Physical add-ons for haptic human-surrounding interaction and sensorial augmentation” by Eva Lindell, Arthur Thiel Cabreira, Li Guo, Nasrine Olson, Oliver Korn and Nils-Krister Persson. There we discuss an aspect central for complex haptic communication namely that there is a 2… Continue Reading SUITCEYES on IHIET 2020

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