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SUITCEYES on CSUN AT Conference 2020 in Anaheim, USA

From 9th to 13th March 2020, the project partner Harpo participated in the 35th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Anaheim, USA.

The conference usually draws more than 4,500 persons annually who attend sessions, visit the exhibition halls, and participate in affiliate meetings and informal gatherings. Given the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic, some exhibitors and participants withdrew from participation in this year’s conference. However, Harpo attended the conference, presented SUITCEYES on the project stand during the whole event and shared further plans of SUITCEYES!

A photo showing the stand of Harpo at the CSUN AT Conference. In the front right a member of Harpo looking at a tablet

Harpo further took the opportunity to talk to a person with deafblindness (a participant of this conference), who pointed to the need of quick communication (direct, face-to-face) with a sighted person, e.g.

  • a bus driver: to be able to ask him to indicate the stop where to get off
  • a passerby: asking for directions, moving around the city

It was a very inspiring conversation to explore even more the way in which people with deafblindness can communicate immediately with sighted and hearing people.

Unfortunately, however, it was the last opportunity to share the results and experience of SUITCEYES with CSUN AT Conference visitors from around the world.

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