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Month: November 2019

“Follow Your Partner” – SUITCEYES Pilot Study

Having created a prototype for the gamified scenario titled Follow Your Partner, designed to help individuals with deafblindness learn how to navigate with the vest, it was time to conduct a pilot study. The study, part of the SUITCEYES project, took place this November in Stuttgart and at Offenburg University with four individuals with deafblindness. The Follow Your Partner scenario revolves around a fictional story involving two persons: the wearer… Continue Reading “Follow Your Partner” – SUITCEYES Pilot Study

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Best paper award

SUITCEYES paper got awarded the 2nd prize for best paper award at SEMAPRO 2019, The Thirteenth International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing, held in Porto, Portugal, during September 22-26, 2019. See the award here 2nd prize best paper award

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