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SUITCEYES Presented at the Book Fair


Presented at the Book Fair, Göteborg, Sweden
Thursday 27 September 2018

Image of two persons putting up a poster regarding the SUITCEYES project.


Nasrine Olson giving an interview on the Book Fair in GöteborgEvery year since 1985 a book fair is held in Göteborg Sweden, and over the years the event has become one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia with around 95 000 visitors each year. This four-day-long book fair attracts authors, librarians, book lovers and Nobel laureates from near and far. However, by hosting many seminars and providing fora for dialogue and discussions, the fair goes beyond just books, also attracting other audiences, such as the press, politicians, researchers and the general public. As such, this fair makes a great place to reach a large and interesting group of audiences. At this fair, one can propose different types of seminars and panel discussions aiming to reach different sizes of audiences and different levels of publicity.

Jan Nolin giving an interview on the Book Fair in GöteborgThis year, due to the newness of the project and its results, which are not yet mature, we opted for a smaller event, by displaying the project poster and participating in a 45-minute long interview-based discussion about the project at HB’s stand. A colleague, Amanda Glimstedt, was the host and conducted the interview in which project members Nasrine Olson and Jan Nolin participated. The interview included questions about what the project is about, how and why the idea originated, the constellation of the consortium, what deafblindness is, why this  project would be useful, how research is conducted in the project, what the aims and the challenges are that SUITCEYES will tackle, what the vision is for the project outcome, and what we can do to improve awareness about issues of deafblindness and more.

Image of people attending the SUITCEYES seminar at the book fair, mainly from the backThe aim of this discussion was to inform the audience about the project, disseminate resent research results and raise awareness about the issues of deafblindness. Due to the nature of the talks at the stands, this event involved between 15 to 20 people. Multiple follow up questions were asked by the audience and follow up discussions pursued with interested visitors after the interview session. In connection with this event, around 25 project  leaflets were also handed out to the audience.

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