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A SUITCEYES paper presented at the PETRA 2018 conference

A short report by Nasrine Olson

The conference took place in the beautiful Corfu, Greece, on June 26-29, and comprised of multiple sessions, three industrial workshops and seven regular workshops. Two project members, Oliver Korn and I attended the conference and I presented the first SUITCEYES publication, which was a peer-reviewed, full paper, titled, Empowering Persons with Deafblindness: Designing an Intelligent Assistive Wearable in the SUITCEYES Project, on Friday June 29, at the NOTION workshop.

This open access paper is available at ACM’s Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference, with DOI: 10.1145/3197768.3201541

As the paper was already available, I used the opportunity to provide a context for the paper, by presenting some general information about the project SUITCEYES. I also included an update on some of the developments/experimentation that have taken place since the writing of the paper earlier this year.

Some of the slides (14 out of 30) related to these points are included below.

The presentation was followed by a short discussion comprising of a couple of questions and a comment that the data that we collect in this project can be very valuable to many others and a request to make as much of it as possible accessible for re-use by other researchers.

Otherwise, the conference was quite relevant for us where multiple assistive technologies and accessibility tools and methods were presented. Topics included for example, multimodal interfaces; gaze as input modality; identity management; audio, visual and tactile cues for remote assistance; haptic exploration of virtual objects; an assistive haptic system towards visually impaired computer science learning; emotion recognition; assistive spatial guidance and vibrotactile navigation; and more. In most of the solutions presented, there was a need for the presence of either hearing or visual senses. It seemed to me that the challenges that are to be addressed by SUITCEYES were unique and breaking new grounds.

The atmosphere of the conference was very warm and welcoming and many interesting connections were made. Food was delicious and the gala entertainment was enjoyable. One might have asked for a better weather, but then it would have become too tempting to skip some of the sessions and miss out. All in all, therefore, a very informative and useful conference. Thanks to the organisers and the participants.

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