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Year: 2018

SUITCEYES on Na Tak conference in Poznań

Poster of Na Tak conference in Poland
09th and 10th November 2018

Na Tak meetings are a series of international conferences organized by the Na Tak Association and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. From 2015, the strategic partner of the conference is Harpo. This edition of the International Conference “(Nie)zależność” (Eng. “(In)dependence”) was held on November 9-10, 2018 in Poznań, Poland.

On the first lecture day when speakers from Poland and abroad visited and where the issues of supporting the independence of people with different disabilities were discussed, a number of exhibitors also presented their products, technologies, and Harpo also the SUITCEYES project.

During the conference, the participants tried to answer questions about independence and what can I do to support the independence of my relatives, patients and other people with disabilities, how to recognize areas in which people we know can strengthen their independence, even if in some degree they will remain dependent on always, etc. Modern technologies have been explored, which are a better and better complement to the functioning of people with disabilities, allowing them to make autonomous decisions, make choices, communicate their needs and function in society.

There was the opportunity to hear four different lectures and participation in eight workshop blocks during the conference. In total, twenty-three outstanding lecturers, both from Poland and abroad, shared with the audience their knowledge, experience and working methods.

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SUITCEYES on ATAAC Conference in Zagreb On 17-19th of October 2018 Harpo partner participated in Assistive Technology and Communication. Conference on the Advanced Technology for People with disabilities in Zagreb, Croatia. The ATAAC conference brings leading world experts and users of assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to Zagreb to present their knowledge and share their experience. The ATAAC conference hosted poster presentations of organisations using assistive… Continue Reading SUITCEYES in Zagreb

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SUITCEYES Presented at the Book Fair

SUITCEYES Presented at the Book Fair, Göteborg, Sweden on Thursday 27 September 2018 14:30-15:15   Every year since 1985 a book fair is held in Göteborg Sweden, and over the years the event has become one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia with around 95 000 visitors each year. This four-day-long book fair attracts authors, librarians, book lovers and Nobel laureates from near and far. However, by hosting many seminars… Continue Reading SUITCEYES Presented at the Book Fair

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Presentation of SUITCEYES to members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Founded in 1739, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is an independent, non-governmental organisation which enhances the status of the sciences and their influence in society by promoting science of the highest quality. While involved in many outstanding endeavours, the academy is probably most broadly known, internationally, for its role in awarding the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel for Economic… Continue Reading Presentation of SUITCEYES to members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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Consortium meeting in Leeds

The second face-to-face meeting of the SUITCEYES project consortium was held on 10-11th of July 2018 in Leeds, hosted by the University of Leeds, School of Civil Engineering. We used that opportunity to review our work so far and plan the next few months. The first day of meeting was focused on seminar part, in which we welcomed, among others, Leeds Disabled People’s Organisation. The members of this organisation told… Continue Reading Consortium meeting in Leeds

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A SUITCEYES paper presented at the PETRA 2018 conference

A short report by Nasrine Olson The conference took place in the beautiful Corfu, Greece, on June 26-29, and comprised of multiple sessions, three industrial workshops and seven regular workshops. Two project members, Oliver Korn and I attended the conference and I presented the first SUITCEYES publication, which was a peer-reviewed, full paper, titled, Empowering Persons with Deafblindness: Designing an Intelligent Assistive Wearable in the SUITCEYES Project, on Friday June… Continue Reading A SUITCEYES paper presented at the PETRA 2018 conference

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Standardisation Meeting 22 May 2018

Brussels Hotel NH Carrefour de l’ Europe Standardisation and standardization committees are an often forgotten channel for dissemination. Standardisation is an important contribution to the development of technology (as well as to other societal areas) in general and is a highly international way of working. There are several standardisation organisations. ISO is perhaps the most well-known. For the electronic and electrical field there is IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission. IEC in… Continue Reading Standardisation Meeting 22 May 2018

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