We are working on a solution that will give 2.5 Million people with deafblindness in the EU the possibility of taking a more active part in the society

A deafblind man communicating with a deaf man by tactile Sign Language
Haptic conversation through Tactile Sign Language. Courtesy of LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, see http://lighthouse-sf.org

The project SUITCEYES aims to create improved and interactive communication possibilities for people with deafblindness. To achieve this the project will develop a smart, haptic interface prototype that will:

  • Extend the environmental perception and the spatial orientation of the user,
  • Enlarge the communication space and facilitate exchange of semantic content,
  • Enhance learning and the user´s engagement by integrating gamification and mediated social interaction.

The needs and wishes of the users are evaluated in a user-centered and regularly re-iterated process, to ensure that the development of the interface prototype is always adapted to the users’ expectations. Smart textiles will be used as a basis for the interface. The technological development of the interface involves machine learning, sensor technologies, image and signal processing, psychophysics and affective computing.


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